Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in Chanderi

The Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment program is an initiative to create women resourced ICT micro social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures supported by wireless internet in 4 backward locations or districts of India and contribute to an enabling internet environment and internet for gender inclusion and women empowerment.

The objective of W2E2 is to:

1)To promote internet based social enterprise and entrepreneurship among women as change makers;
2)To have internet and ICT for gender inclusion in social and economic empowerment;
3)To boost traditional skills among women in cluster based environment and help reach market and sustainability.

The program is based on the strengths of the existing programme activities under the ‘Wireless for Communities’ (W4C), a joint initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation and Internet Society and in addition, also in various other remote locations where Internet may be available through mobile wireless data cards but there is no usage of Internet per se.

While it is apparent that W4C locations would have broadband available for usage, it is important to boost the usage widespread which is possible only through showcasing Internet’s use for business and sustainability so that maximum number of entrepreneurs take advantage of Internet and show its strength as necessary for social and economic development. On the other hand, it is also important to explore how mobile and other wireless based Internet connectivity like that through data card impact the usage of Internet if adopted for the day-to-day usage and create demand for Internet usage.

Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Program in Chanderi has already been launched with 10 women from Chanderi selected to be the next women entrepreneurs of Chanderi. The program will focus on their wholesome computer training and a consequent specialization in their desired industry. Ultimately, every woman entrepreneur would be assisted to initiative their own venture for community benefit under the W2E2 program.

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