Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Program Beneficiaries

26th April, 2014 witnessed the launch of the first ever Women Entrepreneurship program in Chanderi: The Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (W2E2) program. The program entails computer training of all 10 selected women along with a consequent opportunity to establish themselves as women entrepreneurs of Chanderi.

We feel proud to present to you the 10 new faces of entrepreneurship in Chanderi.

Name: Saiyadda Koshar
Address: Tapa Bawdi, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: 11th
Interests: Weaving, Stitching, Embroidery
Desire: Learn computer designing and teach the same to numerous aspired Chanderi designers

Saiyadda, 33, is a highly skilled weaver of Chanderi with a weaving experience of more than 12 years. Along with weaving, she has also mastered the art of stitching and embroidery at an early stage of her life. On asking about her interest towards participating in the W2E2 program, Saiyadda was instantly ready to be one of the 10 women entrepreneurs in the program as she aspires to be a designer of Chanderi sarees, and move towards the technological field of their traditional art form. Saiyadda believes that computer education should be imparted to students from a very early age as it has become an inevitable part of a child’s life. Therefore, she wants to open her own design center where children would be welcomed to come in and learn the designing skills. She also intends to partner with some other person who can impart other basic and necessary computer education to these students.

Name: Vinita Koli
Address: Chappiana Gali, Bahar Sehar, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.A.
Interests: Weaving
Desire: Computer Designing

Currently, Vinita is a weaver in this town of weaves with her entire time committed to weaving and her family. From among some of the most educated women of Chanderi, Vinita was somewhere under employed according to her skills due to the scarcity of employment in domains other than weaving. “W2E2 is a great opportunity for me as I never got a chance to study computers because of the financial constraints. Moreover the program structure that allows me to initiate my own venture is a terrific initiative for women such as me who aspire to do something”. Vinita dreams to be a computer designer for Chanderi sarees and wishes to start her own designing center where she would like weavers from across the town to come and get their designs developed on the computers.

Name: Archana Ahirwar
Address: Jugyanapura, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.A Third Year (Pursuing)
Interests: Embroidery, Computer Education
Desire: To open a Coaching Center for computer education

Archana is currently in her third year and is the youngest women entrepreneur from Chanderi in the W2E2 Program. Archana is also among those women who already have a basic knowledge of computers and intend to have an advanced learning in the field. She also possesses basic skills in embroidery and tends to pursue it as her interest apart from education. Once the program concludes, Archana is highly focused on her dream to open a coaching center for children of her locality and educate them in basic computer skills.

Name: Kavita Koli
Address: Jugyanapura, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.Sc and P.G.D.C.A
Interests: Teaching
Desire: Become a Computers Teacher for children in her locality

A Bachelor in Science, with post graduate diploma in computer application, Kavita is highly passionate towards computer education, and aspires to be a computer teacher in her locality. She already possesses a 5 months experience in teaching and would like to pursue her desire full time. Coming from a family with a background in traditional Chanderi weaving, it was difficult for Kavita to pave a completely different path for her future. However, Kavita feels blessed to get all the support from her family, and now aspires to be the support for her family through her education.

Name: Meena Bairasiya
Address: Andar Sehar, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.A, P.G.D.C.A
Interests: Embroidery, Singing
Desire: Computer Teacher

Meena is one of those computer enthusiasts in Chanderi who got her inspiration from her brother only. Watching him studying computers always fascinated her to pursue her studies in the same field and with her hard-work and dedication, she made up to those few names of Chanderi who hold a degree in computer application. Meena has a teaching experience of 4 years and wishes to utilize her experience and the knowledge of W2E2 program to set up her own computer training institute.

Name: Bhawna Dubey
Address: Phoota Kuan Mohalla, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.A
Interests: Stitching, Teaching
Desire: Own a Cyber Café with Information Resource Services

A Bachelor in Arts, Bhawna aspires to own a Cyber Café in the heart of Chanderi. The café would offer basic internet access facilities to the local residents, and would also provide services such as printing, railway reservations, scanning, form filling/downloading, application status check etc. Owing to her teaching experience of 3 years, Bhawna wants to continue her passion for teaching and would like to apply her knowledge of W2E2 Program in computer training to local children.

Name: Shanu Jain
Address: Sadar Bazaar, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: B.C.A
Interests: Stitching, Computer Designing
Desire: To open a computer design center for Chanderi sarees

On informing about the course structure and its level, Shanu was probably the only participant with an assurance that she can complete this course in 2 weeks. A Bachelor in Computer Application, Shanu is completely versed with the basic computer education and now aspires to become a computer designer for Chanderi Sarees. After Chanderiyaan, Chanderi witnessed an ICT revolution in designing. From manual designing that took 3-4 days to computer designing that takes a couple of hours for any kind of design, computer aided designing has attracted a youth of this town to a great extent and Shanu is also one of them. Shanu wishes to own a computer design center where she would like to develop designs for Chanderi waevers. The center would also act as a training center for aspired computer designers.

Name: Prachi Singhai
Address: Near Balakhani Masjid, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: M.Com with basics in Tally
Interests: Stitching and Designing
Desire: To open a Design Center for Chanderi Handloom Products

A design enthusiast, Prachi holds a masters’ degree in communication. With basic knowledge of Tally, and Microsoft tools such as word and excel, Prachi already possesses the fundamental education in computers, and wants to excel in the field of computer designing. In this town of weaves, Prachi is highly fascinated by different designs of the sarees, and how each weaver ensures that his/her design is not weaved by any other weaver in the town. Prachi wishes to learn computer designing as a women entrepreneur, and would like to initiate her own design cum training center.

Name: Shabana Bano
Address: Mela Ground Road, Bahar Sehar, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: 12th
Interests: Teaching, Weaving
Desire: To start the first of its kind cyber café cum design and training center

Shabana works in the Anganwadi center of Chanderi where she is in-charge of attendance maintenance, monthly reporting, and vaccination for children. She has been in this profession from past 7 years before which, she weaved for 3 years. Shabana desires to own a cyber café cum design and training center, where she would dedicate a couple of systems for designing purposes while some other computers would be installed for local visitors to access internet. She would also like to teach designing to local enthusiasts who currently draw designs manually but aspire to be computer designers. With her knowledge from W2E2 program, Shabana also intends to bring a change in the Anganwadi System of Chanderi through digitization of processes.

Name: Irfana Bano
Address: Peershardi Gadi, Bahar Sehar, Chanderi
Educational Qualification: M.A.
Interests: Stitching, Weaving, Teaching
Desire: Open a CIRC Center offering various services such as printing, scanning, form filling, photocopy, internet access etc.

Irfana is an Anganwadi worker in Chanderi with prime responsibilities of teaching, record maintenance, and preparing monthly student reports. Before this, Irfana used to teach in a primary school. She often feels a desire of a center in Chanderi that offer all basic ICT related services to the local residents who are otherwise incapable to access such services, themselves. Inspired by this, Irfana aims to fulfill her desire of such a center after her training in W2E2 program. She also wishes to learn computer designing and contribute to her town’s traditional art form.

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