“Weaving is my life” – NAJEEB

“Weaving is not just a work opportunity for me. It’s our ancestral art form and my Life”

Najeeb has been associated with Chanderiyaan from 2011 and is one of the highly skilled weavers in the Chanderiyaan family. Before Chanderiyaan, Najeeb used to weave on a loom installed in his own home, but as his sister also got skilled in the same art form, Najeeb shifted to Chanderiyaan in order to make it convenient for his sister to weave in her own house.

In his association with Chanderiyaan, Najeeb has learnt various new techniques and weft on a Jacquard loom for the very first time. His newly acquired skills have given him a sudden escalation financially, and his dedication towards his work resulted in some of the magnificent Chanderiyaan sarees of all time.

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