SONU: A Weaver with a Vision

Sonu is among those few Chanderiyaan weavers who works with a vision for progressiveness and advancement of weavers’ community in Chanderi. But the situation wasn’t so bright a year back…

Weaving for a master weaver on daily wages, Sonu was hugely disturbed with his regular life struggles. Untimely designs and raw materials only added to his misery. Sonu had to carry an everyday loss of Rs. 50-60 because of it and moreover there wasn’t anything new to learn or horn his weaving skills, all due to the same design pattern Sonu was asked to weave every time.

This would hae continued forever if one of his friend and a weaver of Chanderiyaan, Naresh, had not informed him about Chanderiyaan, and an opportunity for all the weavers to come and weave in Raj Mahal. Chanderiyaan specifically offered this opportunity to only those weavers who do not have a loom in their homes and Sonu was one of them. Realizing this as an option towards a better life, Sonu accepted the work and started weaving for Chanderiyaan.

“It has been almost an year for me in Chanderiyaan, and I have definitely grown as a weaver. Not only my monthly earnings have increased due to timely designs and material, I got to weave a variety of sarees, which ultimately nurtured my weaving skills tremendously.”

At present, Sonu is highly satisfied with his work and living conditions but desires to learn some other educational and vocational skills that can benefit the weavers’ community of Chanderi.

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