RAHUL: A Story of Learning and Dedication in Chanderi

Rahul was a not a born Chanderi weaver. He used to work as a helper in a local shop that sells Chanderi Sarees. He never thought of becoming a weaver and would have been that same helper in that very same shop, had his uncle not informed him about

Rahul had learnt all his weaving techniques and skills in Chanderiyaan itself, and has recently completed 2.5 years in the organization. He used to accompany and assist his uncle during his initial days, and gradually acquired all those weaving intricacies. He feel proud to mention that weaving for him resulted not only as a better employment option, but changed the whole world around him.

“I still cannot believe that in my past 2-2.5 years of life, I managed to own a television set and a mobile phone.”

Rahul now dreams of installing a couple of looms in his own home so as to weave more conveniently and efficiently.

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