Chanderiyaan () Design Center Initiative is a one sure step towards ICT and Digital advancement in this town of weaves. Recently, a renowned minister of M.P Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia visited Chanderiyaan Design Center at Raj Mahal, Chanderi to inspect the processes and progress of the center.

Chanderiyaan Design Center is an initiative by Chanderiyaan to eliminate the unnecessary time consumption in manual design creation, amendment and finalization. Chanderi, being famous for its sarees, is also a market for new designs. These design were majorly created manually, and any error, however small it may be, led to an enormous time utilization to correct and re craft. Chanderiyaan Design Center envisions to eliminate this process chain and enable an exponentially faster design creation using design software tools. To achieve this, Chanderiyaan launched its first ever Design Training for computer enthusiasts. This training enabled the people to build designs using Jacdraw. Subsequently, many trained individuals (started creating designs digitally and this created a whole new digitized environment in Chanderi. So far, the resource centre has created and digitally stored in their design library more than 10,000 Chanderi designs by training more than 100 weavers in design making.

The Center, as part of the overall project, also initiated many courses under the banner of Digital Empowerment Foundation, such as Basic English Training, Computer Training Program, Embroidery and Stitching Skill Building Program, Vocational Training in Block Printing, Apparel and Textile Designing Courses, Weaving Card Punching Skills, Entrepreneurial Skill Development Training, Graphic Designing, and Women Empowerment Programs. All these programs aspired to connect the entire operations of Chanderi digitally, and introduce ICT advancements to create learning and employment opportunities for the youth.

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