Advancing Education in Chanderi through ICT

“I want to study, but then weaving is also important so that my house can earn its daily livelihood”, says a local Chanderi school going boy who had to stop his education and started weaving to sustain his family. This is the story of every other boy of Chanderi who wishes to excel in education but is devoid of proper resources and is burdened with financial responsibilities from an early age. Somewhere, it is not just the overload of supplementary responsibilities, but a continuous detachment from an urge of better education, which drives this entire phenomenon.
Children in Chanderi are continuously motivated towards weaving as their ultimate destination in life with neither any support nor any resource to pursue high levels of education. In these difficult circumstances, Chanderiyaan emerged as a ray of hope for the Chanderi community.With its set up as a project supported by Digital Empowerment Foundation and MLAsia, Chanderiyaan initiated various skill development and computer education programs for people to enhance their productivity and sustainability.

Chanderiyaan launched the first ever design training center in the heart of Chanderi. The center not only skilled the local weavers in creating designs through ICT software but also emerged as a tool for additional income. Designing through computer education helped them reduce time as compared to manual designing.

The computer education training in Chanderiyaan last summer also attracted a huge number of passionate learners and lovers of computer education. With its first year of operation last year, Chanderiyaan trained many young enthusiasts in basic computer education.

We, at, believe that its our responsibility to set up the stage of opportunities, motivate people, aware them on basic necessities, and educate them, because then only we would see the change we dream of!

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